Therapists Working with Relationships

As a certified Imago Consultant, I welcome those who are moving toward Imago certification, those who are new to our work with the Imago process, and those of you who are experienced with Imago and would like the benefit of consulting we all can use at different times on our professional journey. 

I also welcome those clinicians who may be familiar with the Imago process and would like to feel more comfortable as you coach couples in your office. Would you like to feel more confident in your ability to help couples? Would you like to learn effective ways to contain the reactivity that can so easily take over a session? 

I create a warm and accepting space for you to explore your work with clients, as well as teaching you certain communication processes that can transform how you work with your couples.

I bring over 25 years of clinical experience, 20 years as an Imago therapist, in addition to being an Imago consultant. I offer individual case consultation and I am also available to provide group consultation for up to 3 or clinicians.  

Spiritual Leaders (Clergy and Lay) Working with Couples

For ministers, priests, rabbis, spiritual leaders, and lay leaders that work with couples, I have a specialty in coaching you that combines my Pastoral Counseling experience with my years of being an Imago Relationship therapist.

I am available to offer consulting support for those who work with couples within spiritual communities. My work as a certified Pastoral Counselor opens me to a wealth of faith traditions as I support so many of my clients. I imagine that you may already know Imago, as well as other relationship resources. I can support your work by coaching you from my Imago experience with couples and individuals, as well as by connecting you with on-going resources through my Imago Relationship professional community. 

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 “As spiritual leaders, philosophers, and humanitarians through time have shown us, being able to feel what others feel, see things from their perspective, is at the essence of grace.”
From an essay by
Sarah Kaufman
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