Welcome, All


A Safe Place to Breathe and Exhale

I am so happy to welcome you to a gentle, healing space:  

A space in which you are free to begin experiencing
 a new way of living, loving, and being. 
A warm, welcoming, safe space physically as well as relationally, 
a space where you can breathe and exhale, 
 freely exploring and discovering your own inner resources.
A space where you can nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

You can do your best work when you bring your conscious intention to restore, or perhaps to experience for the first time, a sense of integration between your mind, body and spirit. I believe a fully integrated physical, emotional and spiritual life is like a lovely garden -- harmonious, stretching, and nurturing in its simplicity. I invite you to take moments of time to be mindful and aware, to practice daily appreciations for what you already possess, and thus to cultivate, as you would a lovely garden, all that you wish to grow and nurture.

Often emotional and physical pain may invite you to slow down and to be mindful of your need to tend to your "garden". Through our work together, you create the roots of healthy self-care behaviors, resources, and rituals to ease your pain and begin your healing journey.

I safely hold the relational space of my office, allowing you to learn and develop skills that will open you to the joyful aliveness of connecting with yourself and with others. 

I'm Happy to Offer

Who I am as an Imago therapist and as a spiritual woman empowers all that I do. I have been working for over 25 years with counseling clients seeking healing and deeper connection. I am a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Advanced Clinician and Certified Imago Consultant, as well as a Certified Pastoral Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor. I offer coaching and counseling to both individuals and couples in Imago Relationship therapy through the powerfully connecting and healing dialogue that is Imago.   

My vision welcomes and holds a world where you learn to
honor differences and safe connection, a world where you learn to
cross the bridge into the other's world through the
process of intentional dialogue:
Listening and mirroring, validating and empathizing.

I love and live Imago personally and relationally in my life and am honored to be part of your relational journey within and also with those whom you love and with whom you want to connect more deeply.  
DC Imago Relationship Therapist and expert Maryrita Wieners, LPC offers individual and couples counseling, pastoral counseling and consultation for therapists and spiritual leaders.
Maryrita Wieners, MA, LPC
“I know the plans I have
in mind for you,
plans for peace, not disaster,
a future full of hope.”
 Jeremiah 29:10
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